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Sole Sole

Soles  have been manufactured with a high proportion of rubber with such degree of purity that the sole is not easily worn out becoming more durable

Padding Padding

Usage of high quality padding material provides the children walk more comfortably

Insole Insole

First  quality and natural materials are used in each element. For that reason the insole, which is vontact directly the foot's sole is made with a sheeps leather.

Lining Lining

The lining is always manufactured with natural leathers whhich are the most appropiate ones for the most appropiate ones for the correct persipiration of feet.

Toecap Toecap

Both toecap and heel are strenghtened so that feet grow correctly.

Leather Leather

Our shoes are manufactured with first quality cow leather and with a thickness and finish though specifically for children's foot wear

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